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About Dan - a premier copywriter

As a top freelance writer at Elance/Upwork, Dan Kenitz has consistently proven his ability to connect with a wide range of audiences across different industries. As a ghostwriter and author of blogs, whitepapers, online guides, product descriptions, and more, Dan's work has helped clients attract new readers and establish a more authoritative online presence.


What People Are Saying

Happy clients, happy life. That's the mantra at Empire Writer. Here's just a small selection of the happiest clients who've worked with Dan:

  • Merchology

    Dan has been an indispensable part of our company almost since its inception. Projects big and small are completed in a professional manner, with an unmatched eye for detail. His writing is engaging and intelligent, and we expect to utilize his talents far into the future.

    - Nolan G

  • emory

    I’m glad I found Dan because I’ve seen my business grow since he began writing for us. Dan’s critical abilities and creativity make him stand out among other content producers. Dan pens technical detail with a sense of humor. He’s one of the few writers who can make me laugh. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he enjoys what he does.

    - Emory Rowland

  • emma
    Dan Kenitz is a prompt, thorough, and all-around great writer. He is able to complete pieces quickly, and they are always extremely well-written. I have hired Dan over and over again for various editorial projects, and highly recommend him to businesses looking for engaging copy and content writing.

    - Emma Siemasko

  • elizabeth

    My business partner and I worked with Dan on several writing projects over the course of 18-24 months. With Dan’s writing and interviewing skills, we were able to publish two books and upwards of 30 additional articles. We received many compliments on the writing and editing of our books. Additionally, the articles were published on many different websites and shared with our large network of clients, advisors and business colleagues. All of the feedback for the articles was superb! We attribute the success of our books/articles to Dan’s skills and guidance.

    - Elizabeth Ledoux CEO, vNacelle LLC.