Dan’s the name; writing’s the game. I provide freelance content, blog writing, and copywriting to clients across the world. For the past several years, I’ve contributed to blogs like Trello, Skillshare, Grasshopper, and GoToMeeting. I also help clients fill their “Lorem Ipsum” and create winning content strategies. On platforms like Upwork, I’ve sustained long-term success as a Top Performer in helping out happy clients with their content needs.

Today, I help clients determine a winning content strategy and get to work filling their blogs, websites, and more.

In my free time? You guessed it: more writing. I’ve published several short stories and poems in the past few years and am currently at work on a novel. I also like to freeze in the Wisconsin cold and take pictures of space. Don’t judge.

Want to know more? Here are some links:

The Apostrophe Catastrophe: Its You’re Smartphones Fault – (by Mike Cherney, Wall Street Journal)

A Fan Born Behind Enemy Lines – (by Dan Kenitz, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)


As a freelance writer myself, I have a pretty high bar for the people I work with. Dan manages to effortlessly pole-vault over that bar with every single project. He’s an incredibly gifted and compelling writer, which in and of itself is hard to find. But, he’s also deadline-driven, communicative, organized, detail-oriented, and conscientious. He’s one of the best I’ve worked with—plain and simple.

Kat Boogaard

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