Imagine a C-level executive at your dream company just read your bio.

What story did you tell them?

That you’re boring? That you’re just like every other candidate applying for the position? That your best chances of being hired are if they threw up their list of candidates on a dart board and chose them at random?

Or did you write something compelling? Something that makes people feel like they know you?

We don’t want the cliff’s notes of your life. We want your story to reach out and grab us. After all, today’s digital hiring environment requires more than a number on a business card. It requires:

  • A LinkedIn bio, highlighting your passion, your experience, and the reason why you’re in the business
  • A personal statement for cover letters and applications, designed to win the attention of reviewers
  • An About Me / About Us section that instantly humanizes you to your audience / customers

And it requires that you avoid this #1 mistake I see in online bios today.

Don’t summarize. 

Put their imagination to work.

People remember stories. They remember what moved them. They remember that one juicy anecdote about your background that sums up who you are and why you need to be the next person working with them.

Here’s what they don’t remember. They don’t remember static lists of accomplishments, great as they may, that fail to connect with them on an emotional level. They don’t remember Cliff’s Notes. They remember the stories that gripped them and forced them to turn the page. 

Let’s write you one of those stories.


Clients on Upwork:


“Dan, you have a gift for this.”


“You are everything I thought you would be. Great working with you.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When we agree to work together, I’ll email you a Google form requesting the exact details that help me tell your story. There’s no specific work on your part here—you can even copy/paste details from your resume or share website links. Just tell me the goal of the bio and who you want reading it. Who’s your dream customer? Your dream job? From there, I’ll take your details down and craft a storyline that’s true to your background. More importantly, it’s true to where you’re going.

When we agree to work together, I’ll send you a web-based invoice for 50% of the project fee. This fee is upfront and non-refundable. You can use any business or personal card from the major carriers to pay this right within the invoice.

A few reasons.

1: Writing for yourself is hard.  Other writers have reached out to me for a bio before. It’s not because they’re bad writers. It’s because they’re them. It’s not easy to write about ourselves. We’re too close to the fine details to zoom out and see the big picture. And some of us are downright uncomfortable writing for ourselves in a way that might please the people who will read it.

2: Hiring a professional writer increases your chances of landing a job by 32%. Consider this a wise investment. Every time a recruiter reads your story, or a customer clicks “About Us,” you get to tell a great story, time and again. But you don’t have to lift a finger to do it. Besides, why leave a dream job up to chance? You hire a professional photographer for your headshots. Hire a professional writer for your bio.

3. You need to tell the right story. Your goals. Your purpose. Your experience. Your credentials. The anecdotes and stories that have shaped you. It’s all a lot to balance. Doing it in four or five paragraphs requires a level of skill and experience that most people don’t have. Hire a specialist.

Reach out with the form below and give me a few details. After we agree to work together, I’ll send you a more detailed Google Form so you can fill in everything you want to go in the bio. Sometimes, the hardest decisions aren’t what to include, but what to leave out. I’ll help guide those decisions so you’re 100% confident with your story.

Let's Tell Your Story